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Harold Smith


SFFYC is a special training initiative design to produce and develop young leaders. Our pragmatic learning model prepares youth to be successful in the global market of business and provides them with role models and resources to be successful.

Our mission is to introduce youth to business theories and principles by bringing the language of business and fundamental concepts of the world markets in a way they can truly understand. We equip teens to become leaders among their peers through service and civic empowerment. We will work exclusively with high school students and challenge them to aim above the mark of expectation and set a new statuesque.


High school students from the inner city have been intentional and systematically left unaware of many basic business principles and are rarely given the opportunity to learn about and pursue a career in business. Students who participate in SFFYC experience the world of business in a stimulating and interactive environment and gain access to positive role models in the world of business and finance. Consequently, students escape the perpetual cycle of “despondency” that occurs far too often in urban community’s. SFFYC will also ignite a passion for self-sufficiency through the understanding and implementation of entrepreneurial prowess in a global market. 

 “Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.”  Les brown

Dr. Valerie Arthur

Bible Bowl

The Smith Family Foundation and Christ Centered In the City Leadership Development Institute are pleased to present the first annual Trenton City Wide Youth Bible Bowl Competition.  The Bible Bowl is a quick recall program started in 1963 where students compete over their knowledge of scripture. A selected book or books of the Bible determined as the text of the competition. A team competes against another team over a selected segment of the text in a 14-minute game; the team with the most points at the end of the game wins!   The Purpose of the Bible Bowl is to encourage students to read the Bible consistently, offers cash prizes at the end of the tournament. The Bible Bowl also teaches helpful study, memorization, and test-taking skills that can be applied to other areas of life. The experience will build teamwork and sportsmanship, fosters a mentoring relationship between student and sponsor/coach; as well as, connect students throughout the region and nation with other like-minded students. The Bible Bowl will ultimately gives students a competitive outlet in a Christian atmosphere.

Dawn Reyes 

Resource Room 

We are so excited to announce that the Smith Family Foundation state of the art resource center is coming soon! The resource center gives our community partners access to state of the art equipment and technology needed to propel them to the next level.

 The facility will allow our partners to achieve multiple projects for their organizations in one location.  The center will include a library, conference room, online resources for webinars, video conferencing, usage of a SMART Board and other office equipment and supplies.

In addition, there will be many workshops on developing leadership and current trends in helping organizations to sustain and achieve growth within their organization. Stay tuned for more information about the Smith Family Foundation Resource Center