The Smith Family Foundation is a private grant-making Institution, founded in Trenton, NJ in 2016.

Our mission is to empower our community, cultivate leaders and transform lives by providing funding and Transformative Leadership Development to Trenton based organizations.

To be the Standard for excellence in the nonprofit sector in Trenton and beyond. To impact the lives of thousands of youth and families in our city by supporting Trenton based organizations and churches. To spread the love of God by providing educational access to current trends in urban ministry and leadership to new and established faith-based organizations.





Our Staff

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In May of 2016, the Smith family — Pearlie Smith & her seven children — recived a substantial financial blessing. Blessed with a new opportunity, the family made it their collective mission to improve the quality of life for residents in their hometown – thus the Smith Family Foundation was born. While the foundation allows the Smiths to support their community in ways previously unimagined, the family is no stranger to philanthropy. The seeds for the foundation were planted decades ago in the South Side of Trenton, where Seamon and Pearlie Smith raised their children on values of hard work, love of God, and giving back. Living in an area plagued with poverty, dilapidated housing, and drugs

Pearlie made sure her children attended church and understood the importance of education in creating a better life – all while working as a paraprofessional for Trenton Public Schools. The influence of her example and the values she instilled is seen in the educational path and career choices of all of the Smith children. Despite circumstances, the son and daughters of Pearlie Smith have lived lives of service and excelled in their respective careers, having created community based programs, volunteered at local churches, and obtained degrees in their field or currently working toward one. With God at the forefront of their mission, the family plans to combine their individual talents and experience to transform lives in their community through the Smith Family Foundation.