In keeping with its educational mission, the Smith Family Foundation of New Jersey hosts a range of in-person and online lectures, classes, workshops, seminars, and other learning activities. For in-person activities, all course-related information, such as schedules, handouts, and feedback, is managed through the designated course page in the portal.  For activities that are offered remotely, participants connect to a rich and engaging videoconferencing system directly from the course page, that allows for live presentation display, multimedia, screen sharing, and chat.

The SFFNJ eLearning Portal is a special section of the sffnj.org website, dedicated to the delivery and management of educational experiences that relate to the Foundation’s mission. It is powered by a special type of educational software called a Learning Management System (LMS). There are many different LMS platforms in use in educational institutions around the world, and the SFFNJ eLearning Portal uses the free and open-source Moodle Learning Management System (www.moodle.org)

SFFNJ offers workshops for youth, such as Cultivating Student Success and the Youth Turn Performing Arts workshop, as well as professional development courses for adults, such as Transformational Leadership, which is geared towards leaders of local non-profit organizations. The Foundation also hosts numerous webinars and lectures that are administered through the portal.

Activities may also include communications such as direct messaging, live chats and discussion forums, which are visible only to participants.SFFNJ is proud to offer seamless and well-integrated remote learning experiences through the portal.

No. Only those who have registered as a participant for an activity are assigned a user account on the portal. 

Once you have received your login credentials after registering for an activity, simply point your browser to learn.sffnj.org, and click the ‘Log In’ button at the top right of the page. Enter the user name and password from your confirmation email in the appropriate fields.

The SFFNJ eLearning Portal is entirely hosted on a secure private server, maintained utilizing best practices in security hardening to the greatest extent possible. There is NO third-party access to data. All web traffic is SSL (https) encrypted, and the login system has been set to enforce secure passwords. As an end-user, you should also take an active role in protecting your data by optimizing the security settings of your browser, and protecting your login credentials. Never send your username/password over text or email!

Use the ‘Forgot Username’ / ‘Forgot Password’ links on the login page, or contact the site administrator by email to have your password reset.