Extended School Learning Grant

On average the summer slide will cause students who are not actively engaged in summer academic enrichment to lose 2 months of reading skill and 2 1/2 months of math skill. Research has shown that many teachers spend up to 6 weeks reteaching old material with many children being lost or disengaged through the processChildren from low-income families are also disproportionately affected by the summer slide, in ways that can affect them years into their education.As if this wasn’t challenging enough, we have the unprecedented task of also combating a global pandemic. This pandemic brings with it new challenges, including an academic drought widely referred to as the Covid Slide. Trenton students lost 4 out of 10 months of in-person academic instruction due to the Covid-19. Like many  school districts servicing low-income families the attempt to engage students remotely was riddled with issues of access to technology and adequate learning environments to say the least. The Covid Slide stole an addition 4 months  of learning from students therefore increasing academic slides by an additional 40 percent.Covid-19 has also highlighted many of the preexisting issues of mental health concerns within low-income communities such as Trenton. The teetering stability of the daily routine of many Trenton children has been toppled over, further exposing many of the Trauma-Induced mental health concerns in need of Trauma-Informed Care.   It is the aim of the Extended Time Learning Grant to develop a 5 Pronged Approach – 1 Academic Benchmarking (Individualized Learning Path) 2. Professional Development (Online Instruction Certification, 3. Technology Infrastructure,  4. Trauma Informed Instruction, 5. Financial Support.  This competitive grant application will open in Early October 2020 and will support 3 organizations who run both an after school and summer camp program with at least 75% of the same children in each program.