Higher Education as the normal next step

Our Programs

As the youth centered project of the Smith Family Foundation NJ, #IAMTHECHANGE is focused on programming that directly impacts College & Career Readiness for Trentonians. We believe that all Trentonians have a right to be educated and that education will promote a stimulus in the city in a variety of ways. We attest that “Higher Education as the Normal Next Step” is our goal with an emphasis on college and increased career/vocational awareness.

Girls Out Loud!

Girls Out Loud was established in 2016 as a continuation of Dhakiya Kabibi (Intelligent Young Ladies) a mentoring program out of Newark, NJ. Founded by Mrs. Katherine Nunnally MPA. Girls Out Loud builds on the legacy of thousands of girls and women across the world who refuse to sit by quietly while millions of other girls and women are denied education, equal rights, treated as second class citizens, discriminated against, sexually assaulted, belittled, and under paid!

Youth Lounge

The youth lounge was created to reinforce #IAMTHECHANGE‘S unrelenting mission of creating an atmosphere where higher education is the normal next step. The youth lounge serves as a safe haven for students after school. The youth lounge is innovative, scholarly, and engaging.

Youth Turn Performing Arts Camp

Our summer performing arts program is a fun filled seven week intensive program. Students are engaged in piano, drum lessons, music theory, and community service. At the culmination of their summer training students perform in a chosen production that displays their writing, singing, acting, and musical skills learned through out the seven-week course.