Community Engagement

The term incubator or incubation center are used interchangeably.  They are used for a collaborative environment designed to help start-ups.  The term is taken from the biological thought process “Incubators are where young ones are hatched, and nurtured”, hence Incubation Center.With that in mind the Smith Family Foundation NJ, Non-Profit Incubation Center will assist  organizations in the city of Trenton, and Greater Trenton area, we are looking to support small nonprofits, and grassroots organizations specifically to help develop their leadership, community engagement, and organizational skills, as well as providing them with technological infrastructure and organizational sustainability development trainings. All workshops will be exclusively offered quarterly on a rotating basis to nonprofit, and grassroots organizations who are tenants at the Incubation Center, these workshops are included in the lease.  In addition to providing a brick and mortar location for organizations to have affordable office space right in the heart of the city of Trenton. The Incubation’s Center goal is to educate, cultivate, and transform the organizations with the hopes of them becoming sustainable.

We invite you to come just as you are and be part of this community of people who are striving together to walk out God’s purpose and plan for their lives!