In this ever-changing urban landscape, the church faces new challenges, that includes the multicultural, multi- religious dynamics that shape the communities they serve. The environment and culture that surrounds them questions the relevance of their existences. We are dedicated to providing leadership training, education, practical resources and funding to local ministries in their endeavors to rethink what ministry looks like in light of social justice, land use, and social and economic equity.

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Leadership Development Center

Following the lead of God, our center offers the opportunity for students to explore, expand and develop their leadership capacity, becoming a more impactful congregational leader within the congregations they serve. Clergy and lay persons will learn the principles of leading like Jesus, executing strategy through building collaborations and growing the leadership and biblical application capabilities of others. Participants will have access to best practices in church administration and the non-profit sector. They will gain new insights, new skills and new knowledge, to impact lives in their community.

Apostolic School

The Leadership Development Center offers Biblical courses and research projects. courses include; Survey through the Bible, The Ecclesia, Leadership Development, and Certificate Seminars on The Five- fold Ministry; Foundations of Apostleship, Prophetic Ministry levels 1,2,3 the Office Teachers, Prophetic Evangelism, and Pastoring todays congregations in and Urban environment. Special Programs:
Blacks in the Bible; Race, Religion and Racism.
Quarterly seminars and workshops

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International Ministries

SFFNJ’s Urban Ministries Leadership Development Center, has partnered with Christ Centered in the City International Ministries to introduce local congregations to global platforms and foreign missions. Our purpose is to help our community partners appreciate cultural, traditions, and religious differences and to bridge the gap to better serve those from different parts of the body of Christ.


Haiti Project

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The impact of this spirit-crushing impoverishment is especially felt by the children whose families cannot afford the cost of education. In September of 2016, The Smith Family Foundation, partnered with Christ Centered in the City International Ministries, M.O.R.E Ministries and, At His Feet Ministries, to established Katherine’s School of Flowers a free Christian School for the entire community.

Located in Saint-Michael de I’ Attalye, Haiti, Katherine’s School of Flowers opened as a one room school for 30 kindergartens. Today we currently have 8 classrooms and 220 students, a feeding program, as well as an adult literacy program. In addition to our academic programing, we understand that small family farms are the main source of income, in Saint-Michael we have incorporated a viable agricultural curriculum which offers the latest techniques and technology that are conducive to the environment.

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Our children are introduced to plant life in pre-k. They plant vegetables and fruit trees, as the trees grow and mature so does the children’s knowledge in their care and treatment. It is our hope that one day our children would take the lead in food production and taking care the Haitian environment.

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